I’m Sophie, a dietitian from Oxford, England, where I live with my husband Nik, two cats and our small flock of ex-battery hens. I write about fitting together healthy eating and sustainable food choices and use Mostly Eating as my personal recipe notebook.

I provide nutrition advice for private clients in Oxford and work as a freelance food and health writer and recipe developer.  You can find out more about both of these services over at Sophie Roberts, Oxford Dietitian.

What is Mostly Eating all about?

This blog is about simplifying all those decisions that go into choosing what to eat, where to buy it and how to cook it, something that many of spend increasing amounts of time on. I am a dietitian so not surprisingly healthy eating is major theme on Mostly Eating, the other being my efforts to shop more ethically. I’m finding that sometimes the two go hand in hand and sometimes they really don’t.

Mainly this is a blog about the food itself. I’ve got a preoccupation with tweaking the dishes we cook regularly to make them a little bit healthier (have a look at the recipe reinvigoration section for a taste of this). I’m nearly always a busy bee (like most of us) and so quick to prepare meals are often the order of the day; many of my recipes take less than twenty minutes to make. There are no ‘superfoods’ in the recipes, just normal foods that normal people eat. And even dietitians deserve a treat once in a while so there might be a little bit of chocolate and wine around occasionally too.

About the information on this site (and a disclaimer):

This is very much a personal site but I do my best to make sure that all of the information on here is scientifically correct (I have two postgraduate degrees in nutrition and a wealth or private and NHS experience to help me along the way). Most of the sources that I use for writing the site are those that I use every day: information from non-commercial organisations such as professional bodies and health related charities, peer -reviewed scientific journals and lots and lots of well-thumbed books.

I may not be able to keep all of the older posts up-to-date but let me know if you spot something in serious need of updating. The nutritional information on here is relevant to healthy people who want to stay that way – obviously it is no substitute for professional medical advice, particularly if you have a medical condition. If you are looking for diet advice related to a particular disease or illness then go and make an apponintment with a registered dietitian.  Or if you’re near Oxford, England, you can come see me in my Oxford dietitian clinic.