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by sophie on August 17, 2007 · 3 comments

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Yesterday I was tagged for the Fantastic Four meme by Joanna at Joanna’s Food, who got in just before Nick at the Tracing Paper. Many thanks to both of you, I felt very popular which was lovely :-) And if you haven’t read either of their blogs before then go and check them out; Joanna writes about healthy eating (Joanna’s Food) and Nick about where our food comes from (The Tracing Paper).
Anyway, the idea of the meme is to write down four different answers under five different headings, sort of like this:

Four places I have worked in my life
In a delicatessen during the Summer holidays of my first degree, where I learnt the skill of cutting cheese to the correct weight by eye
At University College London Library (I’m still a closet librarian at heart)
At the University of Oxford, managing a web development team and working with academics to create research and teaching web sites
In a glycaemic index testing laboratory, feeding willing volunteers huge portions of foods you wouldn’t normally eat for breakfast

Four places I have lived
Fife, Scotland
Cheshire, unknowingly going to school about eight miles away from my now husband
Oxford, for about ten years now
Yorkshire, various times, at birth, to live, to study

Four (random) places I have been on holiday:
Melbourne to visit my wonderful sister in law, Bek, and her gorgeous husband, Dean
Cornwall, for an air mile free holiday last year
Vegas, baby!
Barcelona, just a couple of weeks ago

Four of my favourite foods
Surely the hardest question (I’ll be sneaking back and changing the answers to this all week)
Cheese (all of it, yum!)
Raspberries, especially from Scotland
Anything freshly baked

Four places I would rather be right now
I’m pretty happy where I am at the moment but…
I’d always rather be by the sea
Yorkshire visiting my Mum and Dad
In the hammock in my garden, but with sunshine
At the Summertown Wine Cafe, with a big glass of wine plus husband and friends
I have chosen to tag two bloggers whose posts I enjoy reading regularly, Wendy at a Wee bit of cooking and Kathryn at Limes and Lycopene, as well as two that I have just found in the last couple of weeks but am particularly enjoying, Andreea at Glorious food and wine and Rachel at R Khooks


Wendy August 18, 2007 at 08:40

Thanks, Sophie! Will keep this for a rainy day. :)Haven’t been to Yorkshire since I was a kid. Have a sudden desire to go back soon.

Joanna August 18, 2007 at 19:56

Thanks Sophie … maybe see you in the Summertown Wine bar, I keep meaning to go in, but I’ve generally got one or other of my young with me when I’m in South Parade, and they always want to go to Mama Mia, Britain’s greatest pizzeria!
So funny that you lived close to your husband before you knew him – I went to a couple of the same parties as mine about 15 years before I met him … and then it took us a few weeks to get engaged, and a few more to get married.

R khooks August 30, 2007 at 19:30

Salut Sophie, Thanks for the tag. Will definetly do this once I get a minute. Looks like fun.

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