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by sophie on December 14, 2007

  • On Monday I was pondering to myself about how useful it would be to have a website where you could just type in a postcode and get a list of all of your local food producers, preferably in a cool google maps mash-up type of way. Two days later the answer appeared in my inbox via the River Cottage Newsletter: FreeRange Review.com. Enter your postcode for a list of producers within a thirty five mile radius of your address (UK only, for now anyway).
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  • A lot of people are writing nice things about the Love Food, Hate Waste web site and so they should. Love Food, Hate Waste is all about how to reduce food waste by using up leftovers, clever storage and simply cooking the right amount of food to begin with. It’s all well and good telling people to waste less food but what Love Food, Hate Waste does so well is to gather up armfuls of tried and tested tips from real people. Which brings me neatly onto my real reason for writing about the site: for it to be really, really useful Love Food, Hate Waste needs you to send along your food storage tips and leftover recipes – look out for the opportunities to contribute to each section or go straight to add your voice. I’m hoping to see the appearance of my favourite waste-saving gadgets which I submitted last week to the site last week: a microwave splatterguard which you can wash and re-use unlike pesky cling film and the kitchen bin with separate ‘bio bucket’ for collecting food waste ready to take out to the compost heap.
  • Locavore eating and 100 mile diets are all the rage these days (locavore is even Word of the Year in the New Oxford American Dictionary). I’m always intrigued to read about the different challenges posed to 100 mile dieters by their local climate, agriculture and economy and I was particularly drawn to this story in the Guardian about the Fife dieters. You can follow the Fifers adventures on their blog fifediet.wordpress.com, where the food is sounding pretty tasty already, kicking off with Beetroot stew with cheesy blinis, Fennel Frond pie and Sustainable Stovies. Having lived in the kingdom of Fife as a kid I can safely say that the climate is on the chilly side so there should be some interesting tales to tell after years of living on the supermarket ‘global diet’. Out with the exotic fruit but expect freshly caught seasonal seafood and the most plump and tasty raspberries in the Summer (Scottish raspberries are undoubtedly the best raspberries in the world!).
  • Given my love of all things beany I’m mad keen on Treehugger’s recent recipe of the week from chef Peter Berley: Red Wine, Red Bean and Portobello Ragout. A fabulous alternative to spaghetti Bolognese and just the job for a chilly day.
  • I’m sure that absolutely nobody reading this can have failed to notice that it is Menu for Hope time – the important bit of information to impart at this point is that the deadline for buying tickets is December 21st. There are lots of fabulous prizes up for grabs: check out the full list here or skip straight to the UK prizes with The Passionate Cook and Cooksister.

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