A simple butternut squash and lemon soup

by sophie on October 29, 2012 · 6 comments

This soup was inspired by one that I had a new local restaurant Florio on my last visit there, a simple butternut squash soup topped with greek yogurt and almonds. A pretty straightforward soup, but much more enjoyable than expected because of the deep lemon flavour and the clever garnishes. This is not a fancy soup by any means but … Read the full post


You know my feelings about oats. They are far too modest to say so themselves, but how many other foods are wholegrain, low GI and more than usually endowed with cholesterol mopping soluble fibre?  And so versatile in the kitchen too.  I’m always pleased to find another excuse to include them in my week and hence my delight at having … Read the full post


Easy meals for the hot weather

by sophie on August 19, 2012 · 7 comments

After a record-breakingly wet year to date the sun has finally arrived in Great Britain.  When you live in a place where Summer is short, you have to get out there rather than sweltering in the kitchen.  I thought you might like a nosey into what I’ve been cooking (or not cooking).

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Broad beans are finally in season over here after bravely battling through an eternity of rainy days and plant-destroying gales.  I had what looked like a big paper bag full in my veg box a couple of weeks ago. Nik and I shelled them together the day before I cooked them, standing side by side in the kitchen.  Marvelling, as … Read the full post