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We’re all safely settled into our new house now (humans, cats and chickens).  It’s peaceful and light and just old enough to have bit of character while not being overly high maintenance and needy. And in the garden there’s a tree with the most enormous pears on it that I’ve ever seen.  It’s all wonderful except sadly the oven, which makes ridiculously large amounts of noise at the same time as very little heat. Must remedy that soon and get some serious cooking done. Here’s what I’ve been reading and sometimes cooking oven permitting.

Roast carrots, fennel and sage this time last year I was waxing lyrical about the usefulness of roasted veggies and how to add extra flavour to them with additions like lemons and maple syrup.  What I’ve come to appreciate since is the beauty of using just a couple of well matched vegetables rather than emptying the whole fridge into the oven tray.  I’ve made these roasted carrots and fennel with sage from Green Kitchen Stories again and again, often with a cannellini bean mash

How to give your food the attention it deserves a post I wrote for the Channel 4 food website on the rewards of switching off some technology and really paying attention to what you are eating

Pear orchard muffins light muffins full of nutritious ingredients (oats, spelt, walnuts, fruit and yogurt) and with no oil or butter in the recipe. These pear muffins are the delightful combination of Sophie Dahl’s recipe and Tea’s photography and prose (I know some have poured scorn on Miss Dahl’s cooking abilities but her vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie is the best I’ve made so keep an open mind, which I know that you will).

Fagioli all Uccelletto with cavolo nero a delicious bean dish flavoured with chilli, rosemary and lemon zest. Robust is the word that springs to mind. The recipe is on Monica’s SmarterFitter blog

Good or bad, or is it just food? Kathryn Elliott’s thoughtful post on the perils of labelling food good or bad “We miss out on the richness of the food experience, the complexity of human nutrition and it muddles the picture around the food decisions we make”

Bill Granger’s meat-free meals Bill’s recipes are always reliable and tasty so I’m looking forward to trying out these meat free recipes featured in the independent, especially the vegetarian mee goreng

An Autumn Meditation on Yoga you don’t need to be a yogini to appreciate this reflection on the change of seasons and how the coming of autumn changes the foods we are drawn to and the way our bodies want to exercise

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