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by sophie on May 11, 2009 · 5 comments

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A bundle of lovely and inspiring finds for spring

Fresh young things – the French, with their extensive culinary vocabulary, has the designation Les Primeurs to describe those much awaited first vegetables of the spring.  The San Francisco Chronicle has lovely serving ideas for those delicate early radish, lettuce, carrots, asparagus, leeks and peas.  Now I’m just waiting for my garden to catch up.

Cereal offenders
– The Tracing Paper has an interesting post on what is wrong with the breakfast cereals on offer in our shops and why it’s so difficult to choose a healthy one.  There are a few surprises in there, including the use of beef gelatin and other unexpected animal products in cereals.  On a complementary note elsewhere, Chew on This makes the case for making your own breakfast cereal.

Walnut-Pecan Balls I think it was Cassie over at Veggie Meal Plans who pointed me towards these delicious savoury nuggets of oaty goodness. These walnut pecan balls are packed with fibre and protein and make a perfect accompaniment to tomato sauce and pasta.  It’s well worth making the full quantity to have leftovers for sandwiches, salads etc.

What’s left on the table – Tom MacMillan, director of the Food Ethics Council, writes about the difficulties of being a conscientious consumer when all of your potential purchases seem to end in an ethical dilemma.

Recipes for Health – author Martha Rose Schulman (whose recipe column in the NYTimes I wrote about in my last handpicked links round-up) is interviewed by Trudy over at MediterrAsian.com about her career, cookbooks and love of Mediterranean cooking.

A community in my kitchen is the stellar combination of dietitian Elaine (from Greens and Berries) guest posting over at one of my favourite blogs, Limes and Lycopene. Elaine writes about how her social network (online and offline) helps her to eat “healthfully, mindfully and sustainably” through the exchange of ideas and recipes.

paeony bud, from my garden


Arwen from Hoglet K May 12, 2009 at 02:28

I enjoyed the article about What’s Left on the Menu. It’s so true – it’s impossible not to be a hypocrite. I just hope that every little bit counts.

Elaine May 12, 2009 at 17:28

Les Primeurs – what a perfect phrase. I agree, it is so-o-o hard to wait for those first crops but at least you will be ready to use them in the tastiest ways.
Yes, what is left on the table? I haven’t read this article yet but I’ll probably start with it — the “hardest” one. It’s so tempting to look for the pleasant read & quick, feel-good fix but I feel both personally and professionally motivated to examine these issues.
Arwen – I do believe every little bit counts. This keeps me honest, keeps my trying, keeps me hoping.
Thank you for this interesting bundle of hand-picked links. (And *blush* including me. But I couldn’t have written that post without _you_, an integral member of my food community.)
I love the birds in flowers title design. Would make a lovely greeting card, business card…or seed package illustration :-)

Hippolyra May 13, 2009 at 20:32

I too wonder what is left on the menu, I am largely vegan for environmental reasons, but then I start to think about food miles of the vegetable proteins that I eat (soy, gluten) and wonder if local meat and eggs would be better?
I did buy a pressure cooker to make cooking beans easier and to cut down on tin cans.
Everything is an ethical minefield, but by being informed and making the best choice for us and being open to new ideas and view points.

Alex May 14, 2009 at 12:09

They all sound great! Off to investigate now…

Monica Shaw May 15, 2009 at 07:15

I loved that article on making your own cereal… I’ve been doing this for years. Now, when i do wander into the cereal aisle to restock my jumbo oats, I’m alarmed by how sugary cereals still continue to be.
Also, those walnut pecan balls look amaaazing. I love veggie “neatballs” and make tofu ones all the time. But I love the idea of nutty neatballs (does that sound obscene? I don’t care!). Thanks!

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