Handpicked Links December 2009

by sophie on November 22, 2009 · 5 comments

Vegetarian Health – going vegetarian is undergoing an understandable resurgence in popularity at the moment with people ditching meat for environmental, health and animal welfare reasons. The NHS Vegetarian Health site has a good series of articles to get you started.

Keep healthy this Winter with this guide to fighting colds and flu through diet. The article is written by Canadian dietitian Leslie Beck (found via Elaine of Greens and Berries)

Pepper honey dressing – I’ve just discovered this amazingly simple Miel de Poivre dressing / drizzle / sauce of peppercorns in a light syrup. It’s low in fat and brilliantly versatile for brightening up all manner of dishes, especially meats and cheeses or stirred into a herbal tea (found via Joanna’s food)

Change your thinking is a thought-provoking post from Yiska and Sarah at Redefining Diet on how to pull out the facts behind those little obstacles we all have that get in the way of eating more healthily and use them to adopt a new way of thinking.

Autumn Breakfast Cookies contain squash, beans, rolled oats and dried cranberries, a far healthier combination than your average portable breakfast.  The recipe is from Michelle at Find your balance.

Otter Farm is the UK’s only climate change farm. Read about their adventures growing olives, peaches, pecans, persimmons, apricots, szechuan pepper, vines and other exotic plants on the Otter Farm Blog. You’ll also find posts on many other sustainable eating related topics and a few handy veg growing tips from Mark Diacono (author of the excellent Veg Patch: River Cottage Handbook No.4.

Track your gardening with MyFolia. As regular readers will know, I’ve been somewhat bitten by the gardening bug this last year.  MyFolia is the website I use to track all of my sowings and plantings, journal success and failures and plan gardening tasks.  Words can’t describe how indispensible MyFolia is (and did I mention that it’s free?). You can sign up yourself here or take a look round my “garden” to get an idea what brilliant features the site has.

Back with a recipe later in the week (once my central heating is working again and the plaster has been and gone).


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