An Easter Treat: Chocolate and Pistachio Kiwiberries

by sophie on March 27, 2007 · 13 comments

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Easter food is synonymous with chocolate for many of us (go on, admit it!). It was the first thing I thought of when I read about Johanna’s ‘Waiter, there’s something in my … Easter basket!‘ event and I’ve been thinking about it pretty much ever since. Here is a sophisticated, fruity and very pretty way to get your chocolate fix – chocolate coated kiwiberries. There’s something very spring-like about these, with their mini egg appearance and beautiful colour co-ordination between the vibrant lime flesh of the berries and the green-tinged pistachios.

There’s still very little seasonal fruit in the UK at the moment (just rhubarb!) so I have temporarily drifted back into occasionally buying exotic air-freighted fruit. I had never tried these kiwiberries before this punnet but I had read about them and was definitely keeping an eye out for them. They are essentially little tiny kiwi fruit (about 1-2 cm in diameter) without all the furriness and supposedly sweeter and even higher in Vitamin C than a full size kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit are ridiculously high in Vitamin C already (better than oranges) so I was intrigued by something supposedly even better. But there was another reason why I wanted to try them – I don’t really like kiwi fruit and was hoping to be converted! There, I feel better now I’ve admitted it. Everybody else seems to like them – surely it’s not just me? It’s a texture thing: those pesky seeds, that unexpected grittiness. It reminds me of when you add some spinach to a curry or sauce and then bite into it only to realise that you hadn’t washed it.

Anyway, I tried a couple of these little fellas and they were definitely tasty and sweet, but they still had that weird texture thing going on. I think I’ve figured out how to get round that now; a coating of dark chocolate and a peppering of chopped pistachios has me converted! The sweet but bitter dark chocolate is a perfect complement to the tart kiwi flavour and the crunch of the nuts and chocolate disguises the texture of the fruit. Try this on any kiwi-hating friends and family members and let me know what they think. But no trying to trick the kids by telling them that they’re solid chocolate eggs – they won’t thank you for it and may exact their revenge later (or worse still not share any of their own chocolate!).

Recipe for Chocolate and Pistachio Kiwiberries

This is more of a serving suggestion than a proper recipe - the quantities aren't very exact here!

50g of good quality dark chocolate
10 - 15 kiwiberries
1 tbsp pistachio nuts, finely chopped
a tiny knob of butter (optional - this gives the chocolate coating a bit more of a gloss)
Cocktail sticks (for dipping and drying)

Melt the chocolate in the microwave (carefully, burnt chocolate smells really nasty) or over hot water add the butter if using.

Place a kiwiberry on a cocktail stick and dip into the molten chocolate.
Sprinkle with chopped pistachio (you can skip this stage and leave a few plain if you like).

Now you have to find a way of keeping the berries blemish free while they dry. I recommend taking something like half a potato or an old unwanted tangerine and sticking the free end of the cocktail sticks into that. You know, like when you used to make a big hedgehog of pineapple and cheese on cocktail sticks...

Continue until you run out of berries or chocolate and allow to dry.

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